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Ébénisterie TechDesign Woodworking Inc. is a woodworking company located in Edmundston, a city situated in the Northwestern region of New Brunswick. The company specializes in the design, the production and the installation of wood-based furniture of various types, such as kitchen cabinets, architectural furniture, office furniture, vanities, staircases, and countertops. TechDesign does business with clients from the residential, institutional and commercial sectors, at both the local and provincial levels. It has a unique style, as well as a high quality end product, both of which are the result of its team of qualified and motivated experts, who constantly strive to innovate and to surpass themselves.

TechDesign Woodworking Inc. was founded in 2008 by Patrick Ouellette, a young entrepreneur native of Edmundston, who remains the company’s president and sole owner. A few months after the company opened its doors for business, it was forced to expand its work surface from 5,000 to 12,000 square feet in order to keep up with the high demand. This high demand also required a staff increase: within the company’s first four years of operation, the number of employees went from two to ten. In addition, TechDesign Inc. deemed appropriate to acquire a vast array of automated machines that would allow it to level up both its production volume and speed.

Today, TechDesign Inc.’s team consists of eleven motivated and highly qualified individuals, whose common goal is to aim for perfection with regards to their product. If they are able to achieve such perfection, it is primarily because they understand the importance of good teamwork. The owner is not afraid to admit that he is proud of the work he and his team have accomplished and delivered so far. For their part, his clients are just as satisfied as they are impressed.

Team TechDesign

Ébénisterie TechDesign Woodworking Inc.

565 chemin 2e Sault
St-Joseph, New Brunswick
Canada E7B 2K9

Phone (office): 1 (506) 737-8507
Phone (mobile): 1 (506) 740-1978
Fax: 1 (506) 737-8256
Email: info@techdesigninc.ca

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